Lee Chazen

I specialize in helping your content make sense. Whether it’s a podcast, TV show, book project or website I can help you connect to your audience.

I've got 10 years of content development and strategy work under my belt (recently working as a content strategist for successful Silicon Valley tech companies). Translated, this means I can fine tune your best content and help you develop your message.

You can count on me to put my background in education to work for you - a graduate degree in curriculum and instruction and a CV that includes work as a high school teacher and speech and debate coach. This means I know how to help you deliver your message to any type of learner, listener or viewer.  You're trying to engage and inspire the listener to participate. That's what teachers do. And that is what your content should do.

In addition to my work on websites, social media and book projects, I now use the entire range of my experience and education to help people produce professional quality podcasts. In order to help clients stand out from the rest, I pay close attention to things like flow, tempo, articulation and narrative. This is where my background in music - decades of music practice and studying under some of the best conductors and composers in the industry - helps me to listen for balance, sound quality, conversational interplay and tempo. I have a trained ear for that kind of thing.

And finally, as I go to work on your project, I will be drawing on my experience as a co-curator for TEDx (finding and preparing TED speakers). This means I can find talent and help motivate you to perform at your best!

There are four specific things I will help you with. 
  1. Communicate any message or any content to any type of listener
  2. Frame your presentation so that it tells a story or sends a powerful message
  3. Edit out all the bad stuff (things that don't make sense)
  4. Highlight your best material -- things that you can use in the marketing of your product. 
Hire me and you'll get a seasoned professional working hard to help you get the job done right.