Content Development Work Samples

Below, you'll see some basic content samples. The page is still under construction, but this should give you an idea of the type of work I do.

The first one is a current project. I was hired by the head of the Sacramento Politics and Philosophy Meetup group to help start and promote a group called (facetiously) the Sacramento Dilettantes.

Work involves: 
  • Building a Meetup page
  • Branding -- colors, fonts, images
  • Creating an interactive, integrated and universal calendar 
  • Building a form-fill system so that members can recommend activities 
  • An infographic poster to promote the group and increase membership 
  • A limited social media campaign 


Content Development 

Here are some samples from a social media campaign for a fintech company in Silicon Valley

Work I did on contract with SmartEdPad (now SmartEdTech) - and educational technology company in Silicon Valley

Links to More Work Samples 
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  2. Call Center Gamification Project
  3. The GliderCell Podcast
  4. Team Building Activities
  5. The Education Super Collider
  6. HikeStorming
  7. HikeStorming Audio Interviews
  8. The Global Challenge Project